The Battle of Mount Galindre

The Lodestone located in Galduun is within Mount Galindre, next to its capital of the same name. The last battle of the Volchar - Celdun war was fought there. This battle was the largest scale military engagement of the war and rumored to be the largest scale battle that the known world had seen, at least for centuries. Unfortunately, the details are just conjecture, for none survived.

What is known is that there were massive armies present on both sides. The city of Galindre, capital or no, was all but deserted at the time, the Galduuni having fled the war that had overtaken them. And the magi were present in more force than perhaps any battle had seen, as well. It is known that both sides' magi were there to attempt to wrest direct control of the Lodestone using Legacy Magic, in order to decimate the magi, and in turn, the army, of their opponent. And it is known, that somehow, during that magical battle, the Lodestone generated a kind of magical rift in the very plane of existence that caused an explosion-like effect that destroyed almost all living things for hundreds of miles around Galindre, decimating almost the entirety of Galduun.

It is rumored that the Rift created by the event is still open in the heart of Galindre, and that fell creatures travel to and from it. Others say that during the event, creatures escaped through such a rift which then sealed, trapping them.

Regardless, this resulted in the almost instantaneous end of the nation of Galduun, and the creation of the now-known Galduun Wastes. It also precluded the Galduun Accords and the end of the war.