The Curse of Strahd

Start: 2018-12-27
End: TBD

  • Starting Level - 4
  • Ability Score Determination - Point Buy, 35 points, 18 point maximum. Use this calculator.

Party Members

  • Elrik - Human Cleric (Ross)
  • Keyrie - Elf Wizard (Alicia)
  • Visska - Half-Orc Monk (Jessica)


  • TBD

The adventurers were all recently in the Pinnacle Estates region in the southwestern Free Cities. The Pinnacle, the central temple of the Church of the Light, is the standout feature of the region, with many towns and villages scattered within sight of it. Recently, the area was invaded by an army of hobgoblins. Despite the initial bloodshed, the hobgoblins have simply imposed order and limited the amount of weaponry available to the populace while they search for something within the Temple grounds.

Nevertheless, many citizens have fled to outlying towns, whether to stay out of the way or to ferment resistance. Not being near to the Pinnacle saved their lives and that of the members of the party. One afternoon, out of nowhere, a horrible noise split the air, and there was a rush of wind towards the Pinnacle from all directions, and suddenly the entire landscape for a half-mile radius around the Pinnacle was consumed. As if a god had reached down and scooped a bowl from the earth, a giant half sphere pit now lay where the central Pinnacle Estates had been, the very matter of the mountain, the people, and the villages having been packed into a sphere made of earth, stone, wood, and creatures alike, which now floats just above the pit. Everything that was in that zone is now dead.

People in the outlying regions fled during the aftermath, as seismic activity began to rock the region. The hobgoblins, now leaderless, began to create chaos in the immediate area. The clergy, those who remain, as well as their entire continental church, are now without their authority figures as well. And the ground shakes almost continually with seismic activity, or the wrath of gods at the wanton destruction that has occurred here.

Unsure of what is going on, the party are among those who have fled west to Shardstone, a port city relatively nearby, and board one of the many ships that trade out of the port. This one is to head across the bay to Volchar, before turning to sail around the Celdun peninsula and up to Westeron. Unfortunately, mid-voyage, the ship capsizes in a storm and sinks off the Volchar coast. The party awakens on the beach, and they are the only survivors of the wreck within sight.

Unwilling Guests of Barovia

The Wizard of Wines

The Abbey of Saint Markovia