The First Age of Aithar

Aithar was once a nearly empty continent, save for its original animalistic inhabitants: Orcs, Giants, Kobolds, and other such creatures, as well as monsters of all types.

The first civilized creatures to come to Aithar were Elven migrants. Soon after these first Elves came, fleets of humans, dwarves, gnomes, and other creatures came as well, but once they arrived, the immigrants split off (racially, for the most part) and traveled in search of homes upon the new continent. And so were founded the Woodland Realm of the Wood Elves, the (Human) Kingdom of Westeron, the Stonehall Clan (Dwarves) of the Ragged Mountains, the Fraust Directorate (Gnomes) in the North, and Flarent, the relatively untouched land of the Halflings.

The High King of the Realm finally dispatched the Orc and Giant populations from the mainland, and succeeded in driving the fledgling Drow population back into the Rasten Forest. This event decisively marks the end of the First Age for historians.