Frederick's Fine Woodworking

A shop in Harreton, owned by a half-orc woman named Jimayan. She doesn’t know who Frederick is or was. She is a Royalist. The shop is a front for the Royalist movement. Jimayan wants her children to grow up under the rule of a government that is less cruel and racist than the Baron’s is. Inside of all of her demo cabinetry and coffins there are false back and/or bottoms concealing carefully secured weaponry or magic items, in order to prevent them being discovered if given a good shake.

The shop makes all manner of cabinets, coffins, containers, carts, ornamentation, and scaffolding. The shop has a large main floor, a large storage room, a small office up front, and an unused room in the back which has a concealed door. If found, she calls it old storage. There is also a basement which is only used for supplies, as nothing heavy is desired to require movement up and down the stairs.