Harreton - The Crown City


  • Measurements: Roughly 3600 ft on a side
  • Area: Roughly 280 acres
  • Population:

Location Map

  1. Plaza
  2. West Gate
  3. West Gate 2
  4. Tinker’s Guild Compound
  5. North Gate 1
  6. North Gate 2
  7. East Gate 1
  8. East Gate 2
  9. South Gate 1
  10. South Gate 2
  11. Dog Village
  12. Clay Market
  13. Ghost Row
  14. The Lodge
  15. Ravenshade
  16. Kavari Transport Air Station


The city is divided into four not-quite-quarters, with space between them and in the center to form several smaller districts beyond the four quarters.

Ghost Row

Ghost Row, also known as Fey Folly is a smaller district outside the main wall. It is home to many of the city’s foreign denizens, such as fey, elves, dwarves, and their ilk.

Royal District

The Royal District was renamed “Noble’s Way” by the Baron after the Day of Blood, but no one uses the new name with any regularity save for in his presence, even most of the soldiers and the nobles themselves.

City Center (Old District)

North District

New Reach


Dog Village

  • Slums


  • Slums
  • Royal Sentinels of Creed (RSOC) - Five outposts throughout the city
  • The Tinkers' Guild - Guild Hall in the City Center
  • The Marshals - Marshal Compound in the City Center
  • The Army (of Slevsky Barony) - No official presence inside the city. The First Regimental Barracks is a fort just north of the city, and it sends detachments into the city daily to provide personal security for the Baron and his family. Troopers who are off duty often spend their down time in the city as well. Some of the officers have residences there.