The Heart of Darkness

Start: 2018-03-17
End: 2019-08-04

Current Party Members

  • Ayla - Elf Monk
  • Hoid - Half-Elf Bard
  • Rylin Theyo - Human Fighter
  • Willoa Nementah - Human Druid
  • Xenathar Gnash - Dragonborn Sorceror

Former Party Members

  • Galinndan - Elf Ranger [MIA]
  • Tofur Seecksowan - Tiefling Cleric [MIA]
  • Vladimir Kaas - Dhampir Fighter [LEFT THE PARTY]


  • Caeda - Elf Sorceror [LEFT THE PARTY; RETURNED; KIA]
  • Cedric - Warforged Fighter [KIA]
  • Zinlin - Deep Gnome Rogue [KIA]

In the year 1308 of the Third Age, another war began to brew, another Great War. The “Second Great War”, as some called it, or “The War of the Races” as it was named by others. Old tensions came to the surface, and neighbors began to march against one another, embroiled in old alliances and grievances, as one action led to further escalations, and more lands were dragged into the conflict. The Second Great War only lasted for one year, however, barely enough time to march armies and to begin the shedding of blood. In the year 1309, it became known to the United Mages Guild, as well as several of the rulers of Aithar, that a sect known as the Dragonsworn were plotting to summon Tiamat herself (the goddess of the chromatic dragons; the Dragonqueen) to Aithar, to awaken the Imperial Dragons who slumbered at Malice Rock.

A company of mighty heroes was dispatched to stop the summoning. The bards who sing their tale say that Bahamut himself fought beside them for a time. Unfortunately, while they killed the summoners themselves, they were too late to stop the process and forced to flee when Tiamat appeared in the flesh. Those brave adventurers have not been heard from since, and many fear they died in their escape.

Now, Aithar burns. The War of the Races is over. The Imperial Dragons, awoken from their slumber and led by none other than the Dragonqueen herself, have left Malice Rock and swept over Aithar, laying to waste the great cities and setting entire lands aflame. Aithar’s armies stand in disarray, and nations scramble to respond. Daily life, travel, and work are affected, with the blade of fear hanging over the necks of all. The Council at Mindel is gridlocked in its negotiations, attempting to bring the nations of Aithar into a binding agreement to battle the dragons and their Dragonsworn together as allies, as they did so once before many centuries ago. As time passes, however, many have begun to fear that a united response will be far too little and far too late. Bitter rivals march to each others' aid, but time is short and it may be too little, too late.

The Dragonsworn ranks swell, made up primarily of humans, half-elves, half-orcs, and goblinoid creatures, but consisting of members of almost all races. The Dragonborn with chromatic heritage have finally found their calling, rising in power and station in this new loosely ordered force. Aithar's armies have been decimated, despite their quick reaction (being already mustered and in the field against one another).

During the rise of the Dragons, the United Mages Guild gathered its forces from all around Aithar, and descended on the Ringwall, on the southern border of the Woodland Realm, the Elsir Vale, and the Kingdom of the Sea, determined to stop the advancing Dragonsworn and beat the Dragons themselves back from the three neighboring kingdoms. Almost the entirety of the Guild perished defending the forts of the Ringwall, which have since been lost. The twelve mighty fortresses have since been abandoned, and some are now said to have been taken possession of by terrors even worse than the Dragonsworn.

The halfling lands of Flarent have been fully overrun by the Orc and Goblin forces who seek to appease the Dragonsworn, and the land of Volchar is expected to be next in their path. The Pinnacle, the center of the worship of the Light, lies in ruin, its clergy slaughtered by the dozens, the pious scattered to the winds. The Citadel that sits in the center of Aithar is under siege. Once it falls (if it has not already), it will allow the armies of the Dragonqueen to control transit from the east to the west. The great city Mindel is now surrounded as well, and the nations of Aithar batten down their borders, desperate to stop the Dragonsworn hordes as they approach. And when it seems that Aithar cannot be placed in a more precarious situation, rumors begin to be whispered of the armies of tens of thousands of Drow, preparing in the Underdark to leave the shadows they were banished to millennia ago and rise up in support of the Dragonqueen.

No end is in sight. None harbor a hope for the defeat of the Imperial Dragons and their minions beyond counting. None, except for a mage order known as the Undying; a radical arm of the Elves of the North Mountains known as the Snow Legion; and a small band of adventurers.

This band of adventurers, who only sought passage through the Citadel, have now been torn from their paths and dispatched on a mission with cataclysmic consequences for failure by King Borgien of the Stonehall Dwarves at the Citadel. They travel the continent desperately looking for the pieces of a set of evil artifacts called the Legacy of Morgath, with which they hope to empower some brave soul to defeat the Dragonqueen.

The hour grows late, and the future is dark.

Flight from the Citadel

The Road to Mindel

The Great City of Mindel

Flarent, the Land of Halflings

The Pinnacle Estates

Falcon's Rest

The Castle Shining

The Woodland Realm

The Tombs of Atu'are

The Baronies of Celdun

The Underdark

The End