Heart of Darkness Session III

“The High Road” - 2018-04-21

Party: Galindann (Brian) Rylin (Rob) Tofur (Josh) Vladmir (Derek) Willoa (Rachel) Xenathar (Cody)

The party interrogated their prisoner, and he finally admits to being the cause of the village's grief and taking their offerings. He is Guther. a mage formerly of the United Mages Guild. sent to watch over the former mining town that eventually became known as Guther's End, when, after becoming tired of the tedium of running the ghost town, long bereft of mining economy, he feigned his own death and began to prey on the village from the shadows to survive.

He is never made to speak directly about the monster which has terrorized the town, so this remains a bit of a mystery. A deal is struck, in which he would lead the players to the hideout in which he is keeping the town's gold, help them retrieve it and return it, and then be released, never to return again. In so doing, the party takes two items from his caves - a bag of potentially magical beans and a magical flask of oil.

Once they have collected horses from the townspeople, the party continues its sojourn west. On the road, they encounter a bit of a roadblock manned by five elves who later identify themselves as part of the Snow Legion. They were aware that a party of adventurers would be coming this way carrying the Sword of Amanel, and intend to relive them of it in as non-violent a way as possible and return it to their leaders, to be destroyed, or locked away forever. They acknowledge that, when combined with the rest of the Legacy of Morgath, it could be powerful enough to defeat Tiamat and the Imperial Dragons but maintain that the risk of unleashing such evil would not be worth the gain.

In the resulting battle, two of the Elves are knocked unconscious, and the others injured, before they surrender. After some negotiation, it is agreed that their leader, Caeda, will accompany the party to Mindel, ensuring the safe passage of this artifact to the best of her ability, and that the Snow Legion will not attempt to further stop it reaching there. In return, the party agrees to hear her pleas to not turn the item over to the Undying and to heal and release her team to return and report to their superiors.

Finally, as the crew approaches the town of Springdale, they encounter a carriage stopped in the road and under attack by a band of Lumi, glowing creatures from another plane. The carriage holds Binkley's Bunch of Bards. Once the fight is done, the party discovers that Binkley, yet again, is a person who knows far too much about their quest. He gives them a fair amount of information about the Legacy, informs them that another piece is at the Pinnacle, which is the central Temple of the Light in Aithar. He also notes that he knows where others are, and will exchange further information for some help. The High Priest of the Light in Springdale is subjugating the townspeople and persecuting people of other religious and political bent, and in return for helping expose him as corrupt and/or ousting him, Binkley will grant the party further knowlege of their quest. The High Priest's library is also dangled as a source of information (and probably wealth).

Once this is done, the group hopes to be able to determine a path. Take the artifact to the Snow Legion? Travel first to the Pinnacle to retrieve a second piece prior to heading to the Undying at Mindel? Or continue their quest directly to Mindel, and confront the Undying leaders about what exactly is going on?