Heart of Darkness Session IV

“Springdale” - 2018-04-28

Party: Rylin (Rob) Tofur (Josh) Vladmir (Derek) Willoa (Rachel) Xenathar (Cody)

The party arrives in Springdale, taking up residence in the Iron Tankard. Binkley advises them that he will meet them there in the morning. They have some interesting encounters in the inn and learn that this town is under the control of High Priest Jakob of the Church of the Light. he is the political as well as religious authority, and has the law on his side as well. The local lawkeeper, a half-orc, seems less enthused with the religion, but begrudgingly follows along.

Early the next morning, a fire burns part of the inn. Most of the party helps with the bucket brigade in putting out the fire. The tiefling seen at the bar the night previous flees the scene, chased by Tofur, then disappears into thin air. Tofur investigates, suffering the prejudices of the townsfolk as he does so, and ends up on the steps of the Temple, debating with a priest.

The remainder of the party strategizes with Binkley and amongst themselves, and decide to go scope out the Temple, hoping for a distraction or secondary entrance that can be used to sneak in and check out the Temple's library for quest-related information, or find the information that Binkley requires to oust the High Priest from power. They journey to the temple in time to see the exchange with Tofur, and some of them watch while the others investigate the temple perimeter, finding a drainage grating that can be used as an entrance.

When Tofur tells the priests of the encounter outside of the city with the Lumi, they arrest him and take him inside to wait for the High Priest. The rest of the party sneaks into the kitchen of the temple via the grating and then sneak downstairs to the Vault. They force open a trapped door, causing an alarm of some kind to begin to wail. The party agrees to be quick with their search, and finds a few items of some use in the storage containers, as well as looting several promising books from the shelves on topics that might pertain to the quest.

During their search, a group of two guards and two priests enter the vault and attack. All but one are slain in the fight, and the one escapes. With this, the party gathers their findings and flee back the way they came, escaping notice.

On the way out, Xenathar turns himself invisible and checks various rooms for something that might assist in the quest to depose the High Priest. He finds a contract, potentially between the High Priest himself and the Lumi. He also finds a book on dark magic and rituals, and a wrapped dead body, in the High Priest's own quarters, and takes all of this with him.

Meanwhile, when the alarm goes off, Tofur, who has now been further questioned and sentenced to execution, surprises his captors and flees the temple, with guards in pursuit, then sneaks off down a side alley and returns to the Inn, just before the rest of the party returns.