Hobgoblins are perhaps the worst of all of the goblinoid races. They have the same evil bent, the same willingness to kill anything and anyone. However, they are also bigger and stronger than their orc and goblin kinsmen, and they are as smart or smarter than humans, on average. It makes for a nasty combination. They are quite social, within their clan, or their warband, and often have a tight brotherhood with the squad or group they fight with.

Hobgoblins who join larger warbands typically have a fairly rigid military structure. Squads often consist of three pairs of hobgoblins who always stay together in a fight, to provide each other with advantages, such as knocking enemies prone or flanking. The squad is usually run by a captain and occasionally will have an archer equipped as a signalman with colored or smoking arrows, or a mage as the eighth squad member. Larger warbands may employ subordinate or even slave soldiers, rank and file goblins or orcs who fight under the command of an individual or small groups of hobgoblins.

Hobgoblins have fewer mages than many of the humanoid races, but those sorcerers and warlocks that they do have are usually quite talented and quite vicious.

Often, hobgoblin warbands are capable of traveling for long periods of time but are not nomadic by purpose. They are willing to take up residence and fortify a castle, city, or locale and do not feel the urge to travel for travel's sake. The warband will often stay above ground but are often willing to live in cave systems and mountains as well.