Start: 2019-08-17
End: TBD

  • Starting Level - 1
  • Ability Score Determination - Point Buy, 35 points, 18 point maximum. Use this calculator.

Current Player Characters

  • Caleni Coldwater - Halfling Rogue (Alicia)
  • Elialyn Trynbrix - Halfling Artificer (Rachel)
  • Malignius the Magnificent - Human Wizard (Cody)
  • Thane - Warforged Fighter/Barbarian (Rob)
  • Valkorian Deepfire - Human Sorcerer (Derek)

Player Characters Killed in Action

  • Szeth Strongwing - Human Paladin (Derek) (Character change; Szeth was hung, then thrown from an airship; later became a revenant)
  • Dariel Darkdelver - Half-Elf Warlock (Rob) (Slain by the Minotaur King as he held the beast off, allowing his friends to escape the dark labyrinth)

Current Important NPCs

  • Avina - Human Witch
  • Garyth Creed - Human Sorceror
  • Jimayan - Half-Orc ???
  • Lillian - Revenant Rogue
  • Revenant Szeth - Revenant Paladin
  • Yara - Half-Elf Paladin

Important NPCs Killed in Action

  • Alexia Goldstone - Human Rogue (Killed by the Crusade)

The monarchy of Celdun has stood since the first humans settled the continent. Many of them made their way to the northwest, founding a nation that later became Westeron. But a large group of settlers traveled as far southwest as their road could take them, founding the Kingdom of Celdun on the southwestern peninsula, after a deadly crossing of the mountains that became their northern border. The settlers founded several small towns within a few years, and banded together to form a government relatively quickly. The largest of the towns, Harreton, had a man who called himself their king, and a standing military force that defended them against the attacks of beasts, or increasingly more common, raiders or new immigrants in the area. That king was granted domain over all three of the first towns to be settled, all the better for their protection. And so Celdun was born, a proud nation with a proud history. The Barons of the various regions that Celdun developed as it grew formed a governmental body, the Council of Barons, and it became tradition, and later law, that upon the death of the King, whose power was absolute and unquestioned, even by the Barons, that the Barons had to approve his designated heir in order for the coronation to occur.

During the Third Age, there came a time when the Barons did not approve the only Prince, a child, the last of his line. Greedily ceasing power, the Barons fought among themselves, the royal army disbanded and returned to their own regions to aid their neighbors, and the Prince was lost to time. Thirty years later, however, the revolutionary movement who call themselves the Royalists, and their backbone, the persecuted mages known as the Undying, vie for control over several key Baronies, hunting for the Prince who they believe to be a prisoner. They fight the blatant racism of the current establishment, the anti-magic sentiment, and the corruption of the Barons, and they long to return Celdun to the rule of a benevolent monarch.

Act I - Royal Intentions

The Haunted Villa of Valentine

The Witch of Vulax Ghuldan

Murder Aboard the Windflower

When Worlds Collide

The Whole Truth

Underneath it All

Act II - The Darkest Part

The Horrors of Power

The Prince of Nothing

  • TBD

Here There Be Monsters

  • TBD

Ultima Rex

  • TBD

Whatever It Takes

  • TBD