Morgath the Dread

Morgath was a sorceror of the Third Age of Aithar. He was a human, from Westeron, and he grew in strength as the Third Age erupted into war - the Great War.

Morgath was fascinated by objects of power, particularly dark ones, and he created a collection of artifacts and bound them together. They became known beyond his death as the Legacy of Morgath.

He was a member of the United Mages Guild, and fought in the Great War with them. Morgath led a unit who fought the main Drow forces as they fell back across the Free Cities. Morgath’s forces beat them all the way into the Underdark, and destroyed the entrance to the tunnel system that led back to their home. He forced them back into a great cavern system, and then withdrew out of the Underdark and left them there, battered and beaten. They later called that massive cave system the Pit of Morgath. He was there during the First Invasion when the Imperial Dragons swept Aithar after migrating from Draconista to the east. Morgath and his Legacy sealed the Imperial Dragons at Malice Rock and bound them there beyond the reach of mortal man.

He then marched at the head of a mage battalion sent by the Council of Mindel to assist the Volchar against the last army of Celdun. Celdun and Volchar were the first nations to begin conflict in the Great War, and were also the last to cease, fighting on even throughout the draconic invasion. The armies of Celdun and Volchar clashed most often in Galduun, the pacifist country that lay between them, and it was there that they amassed for their last battle. Huge batteries of mages augmented both sides, and Legacy Magic was attempted by both, as Galduun’s capital city, the site of the battle, rests upon a Lodestone of raw power.

Morgath died at Galduun, during the Galduun Event, which caused the cataclysmic destruction of all of Galduun. His participation in the causing of the Event is not certain but is surmised likely by historians. His set of enchanted items were distributed amongst parties designated by the sitting Council at that time, who carried them to the corners of Aithar, never to be brought together again.