The Royalists

The Royalists are an insurgent group, freedom fighters of a sort, in Celdun. As their name suggests, they seek to return the monarchy to Celdun, unite the disparate Baronies, and bring an end to the conflict within them, the corruption of the Barons, and the persecution of mages and non-humans that takes place within the country.

The Royalist group has its roots in the Day of Blood itself, roughly thirty years ago, when the last monarch of Celdun was slain.

Celdun was historically a hereditary monarchy, which has been in the House of Creed since the founding of Harreton, ruling a disparate group of Baronies. Each time the monarch died, the Princes or Princesses who lived would be put forward as successors. The eldest child was often the choice of the Council, but not always. This council, formed by a representative sent from each Barony (often the Baron themselves) would make the selection and crown the new monarch. Lack of a consensus would mean that for one year, Celdun would be ruled by that same Council, at the end of which time, power would revert entirely to the Barons of each respective Barony if a ruler could not be approved and crowned. The standing national army would be dissolved, and all national taxes, benefits, and safeguards would fall away. Celdun would no longer be a land united. For centuries, this pattern stood. Sometimes, the rules were bent, when there were no suitable heirs, and a cousin, aunt or uncle, or other relation were tapped for the monarchy, but otherwise, succession was never a particularly problematic issue.

After leading a campaign against a group of evil warlocks and their followers in the mountains on Celdun's northern borders and into the Galduun Wastes region, King Jovan returned to a coup. He was cut down in the streets of Harreton by so-called rebels, agents of a group of the Barons, and the sole heir, Prince Garyth, was not approved by the Council, most of whom unfortunately were separatists and behind the regicide (or afraid of the same). A calm-mannered ten-year-old child, the Prince was thought by the general populace to be the salvation of a tired and bloodied nation, just free of a brutal war, who might rule in peace for some time, at least until his coming of age. But for reasons of greed and personal ambition, the Council decided otherwise. A short year later, the Baronies began to fight among themselves over the ruins of the Kingdom. Within the first five years of the independence of the Baronies, two of the nine Baronies had been absorbed by others, victims of short and vicious small-scale wars between the regions.

As for the monarchs, Prince Garyth was kept under a loose house arrest by the Barons during the intermediary year. The Day of Blood followed, as the Council announced the end of the monarchy and simultaneously declared magic use a capital offense in most Baronies. In the thirty years since, he has been lost to history, presumed to be dead or else to be rotting in some nameless dungeon, never to be heard from again.

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Violet, one of the Undying Triad and one of the most well-known leaders of the Royalists, was slain by a group of adventurers during a battle with Baron Slevsky's soldiers last year.

In present-day, the Royalists are on rocky ground. The Barons are ever more powerful. Some of them the same very Barons tat overthrew the King, while others came by their power more recently. Of the seven, the two smallest do not punish the use of magic with death and are less blatantly racist than the other five, so they are naturally the home of the least resistance. The Royalists are most active in the Slevsky Barony, the home of Harreton itself, Baron Slevsky, the supposed mastermind behind the coup, and one of the largest of the Baronies by size and by population.

It is rumored that the Royalists are finding ways to smuggle Tinkers who have abandoned their Guild and the government out of Celdun and to safer locales, where the international political outreach that the Guild has may be less. It is also rumored that they have cells of rebels experimenting with various combinations of magic and Tinker technology, trying to create tools and weapons of war with which to defy the armies of the Barons - at any cost.