The Trader

The Trader is often located outside of The Myconid's Spore but frequently travels to the major cities of the surface for brief periods of time, as well. The Trader is not just a common peddler of wares. While he does have a plethora of goods for sale, he has the unique ability to deal in non-physical, non-tangible goods. Life, death, love, knowledge, power – everything has a price. As long as the trade is fair, the Trader can get the party whatever they want. Rumor is that The Trader is a demigod: a mortal being with this specific divine gift.

The Trader’s Displayed Inventory (Fluctuates over time)

  • Bag of Holding x1 (5,000)
  • Potion of Greater Healing x3 (180)
  • Potion of Healing x3 (60)
  • Staff of Frost x1 (25,000)
  • Potion of Speed x2 (200)
  • Elemental Gem of Fire x1 (1,000)
  • Spell Scroll of Wish (15,000)