The Third Age of Aithar

However, with the growing unity among the Orc clans exiled to the Barren Island, as well as the Giants of western Aithar, came a recipe for trouble. As they began organized assaults on Westeron and the Xelnon Empire, the dwarven clans broke into conflict. The humans and the elves in the east began to vent old wounds, and the Drow once more began to dispatch armies from the Underdark. Thus came the Great War, in which virtually every race, every kingdom, every city, and nigh every being capable of violence participated in the bloodshed, one against another.

The war raged on for years and took a gruesome toll on every inhabitant race of the continent. As the war began to draw to a close, however, as treaties began to be signed and the tattered remnants of armies returned to their homes, a battered Aithar abruptly faced a new, external threat. The far away continent of Draconista, now decimated by the unification of the Imperial Dragons, no longer held a means of sustenance for their swelling numbers. They had miscalculated. The dead, from the War of the Spider Throne and the subsequent War of the Dragon, had caused diseases to spread like wildfire among the scant pockets of survivors. So the Imperial Dragons crossed the ocean from Draconista to the ripe, war-torn lands of Aithar.

The good people of Aithar set aside their differences, arbitrarily ending the First Great War, and established the Council of Mindel, in a small village. Each race came to the Council, members of each kingdom, save for a few of the most savage. Seven were represented there, and those seven repelled the Imperial Dragons, through great effort and more loss of life, and, with the large efforts of the newly formed United Mages Guild, drove them off of the mainland to Malice Rock, where the evil dragons took up a great hibernation, awaiting, perhaps, another time to attempt to strike once more. No adventurers dared set foot on the island since, save for the single group who tried and failed to stop the summoning of Tiamat and the Second Invasion.

The capital city of Mindel was built from the ground up from the original village in which the Council met, marking the lasting peace that ought to have come from that settlement. The city was completed officially in the year 300 of the Third Age.

The following centuries were relatively calm ones, and time passed without any further world-altering crisis, until the resurgence of the Imperial Dragons in year 1306 of the Third Age. Tiamat was summoned back to the Material Plane by Dragonsworn disciples, who were killed by a party of adventurers, but not before the ritual was completed. Tiamat's return to Aithar brought with it a re-awakening of the Imperial Dragons.

Over the next few years, the Imperial Dragons and the Dragonsworn marched across Aithar, destroying all that lay in their path. The Forssen Republic fell first, followed by a swath of movement west, the Citadel, Mindel itself, and portions of Westeron and other western regions. The Woodland Realm burned, as did the Vale.

During the later months of the invasion, a group of adventurers collected the pieces of the Legacy of Morgath. These were used in the Battle of the Five Armies to defeat Tiamat at Primati Academy.