The Undying

The Undying are an order of mages which have been around for millenia.

The leadership of the Undying rests with the Triad, three fo the most powerful sorcerors of Aithar.

The Triad are chosen from amongst the Council of the Undying, who number two dozen. The Council members are spread across Aithar and come together at least once every two years for a summit at Mindel, which is where the seat of the Triad is located.

The Undying had a long-running rivalry which was sometimes merely contentious, sometimes closer to all out war, with another organization called the United Mages Guild. The Guild, however, was decimated during the Second Invasion of the Imperial Dragons in the Third Age of Aithar.

The Undying are now the undisputed forerunners of magical power in Aithar.