Vicar's Bones

Vicar's Bones is a dice game from, as best as anyone can trace it, the Second Age of Aithar. It is best played with 3-6 players, but really any amount will do.

  • Each player rolls 4d6, keeping all of their dice hidden (on Roll20, do this with /gmroll 4d6). ( Each player picks one out of the four that they wish to use for turn order and reveal that die on the table in front of you. Once all die are out, the betting order has been determined. If any players have the same betting die, they bet simultaneously, on paper if need be (on Roll20, do this with /gm whispers).
  • Betting starts. The person who put out the highest dice goes first, followed by the subsequent one. Once all players make a bet, the total is pooled.
  • Each player reveals their three hidden dice. The person with the three hidden dice that tally the highest total wins the pool.

The strategy is in knowing whether you wish to bid first or last and whether you would prefer to sacrifice a high die to go first (and bluff high bet, for example).

Additional terms can be determined at the table (such as minimum or maximum bets, or particular riders if agreed upon).