Warforged are a race of intelligent constructs. They are usually humanoid, made of metals, wood, and clockwork machinery. They are often genderless and have varied features, colors, patterns, skills, sizes, and interests. They are uncommon to see, now, as the trick of their creation has either been lost to time or else their production curtailed. Therefore, it is even more rare to find one still cognizant of their surroundings and in good repair. Although there are no races with extreme racial hatreds towards warforged, they are the most likely to be dismissed by the other races as inconsequential, even surpassing halflings for that honor.

The first warforged were thought to have been created in Celdun, by a member of the Undying and a member of the Tinker's Guild working together to meld the mechanical and the magical. Over time, their creation spread.

The armies of Celdun who fought the forces of Volchar at the Galduun Event were comprised in a large part of warforged, and other nations by that point had learned the secret as well. The advent of warforged caused no end of political and ideological debates about the rights of those beings who were created, yet thought for themselves.