Westeron is a primarily human nation, located in the northwestern corner of the continent of Aithar. Westeron is the oldest large human settlement on the continent, with its first founders a culturally homogenous group of humans from the continent Draconista.


Piercings, of both the ears and other locations, are of particular cultural significance to the citizens of Westeron. It is primarily the location and amount of piercings that are of significance, not the particulars of the jewelery within them, which are often more of a statement of fashion or wealth.


Westeron requires biological parents to care for, see to the education of, and generally raise children to the age of fifteen. This age must be visually believable by whichever constabulary official questions it, or documented with papers. Parents who abandon children in Westeron, if caught, face heavy penalties, up to and including prison time or death. The streets of most of Westeron's cities have the fewest homeless children of all of the human territories of Aithar.

Children may be formally relinquished as wards of the crown, to the Crown Community for Children. The CCC acts as a well-attended orphanage, with strict regulations and regular inspections of premises, and of the well-being of the children. However, the CCC also requires children to enter the government's working force at the age of eight, as a manner in which to pay off their keep. They are trained in Westeron Citizenship during their fourteenth year, and released when they turn fifteen.


Children are considered to be adults when they turn fifteen. Adults in Westeron are strongly advised to obtain identification documents, for free, from the nearest Office of the Crown.