Welbrix is a female halfling who led a rather normal halfling life, working in a small inn owned by her parents, The Big Foot (boasting accommodations for human-sized folk – six tables, and even two rooms!). Unfortunately, she began to have accidents occurring around her – random objects bursting into flame, things like that. One morning, a very continuously drunk man who wore robes departed the inn with great haste and left a book behind. Oddly, he never returned for it. She would learn as she read it that it had been his spellbook. Not only had he written spells that he learned in his book, but even notes and thoughts about magic itself. Welbrix began to teach herself, and over time, began to actually do magic, albeit haphazardly.

Welbrix finally left the inn and began to wander the southwestern Free Cities region, picking up new spells and doing odd jobs as she learned about the world outside of her little halfling village.

Now, she lives in Flarent once again, in a crumbling old stone tower that seems too big for her, just outside of a town called Hayville. Hayville’s man industry is cattle, and one of Welbrix’s favorite pastimes is to sit on her balcony and watch villagers attempting to wrangle animals that are many times their size.