The Wilden

The Wilden are a race of wild fey creatures. They are humanoid, but often resemble plants. Their skin can appear barklike, and they look as though they have grown from the earth themselves. They live in the deep forests and wildlands. The Wilden are only particularly friendly with the Elves, and they despise creatures of industry, the destruction of nature, and the dark creatures of the world.

Wilden often live for more than a century, and their aging is indicated physically in their tree-like features. Young wilden are often lighter greens or browns, having more life and energy, while aging wilden can be thin and greying in pallor.

The wilden, even more than the elves or even druids, are protectors of the land. They do this viscerally, as part of their nature, and they are willing to stamp out threats to nature, even those who are sentient and alive. Wilden have very little inclination towards individuality, feeling the whole more than individual identity. Many even speak in a plural when engaged with other beings in conversation.

The wilden have no formal cities or settlements in Aithar, choosing instead to remain in solitary small communities in the wilder areas of the world.